What a fun Christmas we had this year- with young kids I think they just get better and better as they start to really understand what it’s all about. Connor even went so far as to tell Santa what he wanted this year – something I don’t think we got Cailee to do until last year. The downside was that not everyone was up to par – I think it was going around – fevers and sore throats seemed to dominate Facebook status updates and it wasn’t much different in our house. JJ had to miss Christmas eve festivities and I’m convinced that Connor and Cailee are both battling something. At least no one was totally down and out and we definitely made the most of it. As is tradition, we spent Christmas eve with my folks and Christmas day with the Dewars. The kids were spoiled rotten with everything Little Mermaid (Cailee) and trucks, tractors, and trains for Connor. Most surprising, Cailee has been most excited about her roller skates and Connor (not surprising) loves the Firetruck.

Bailey got a hairtrim and dog bones for Christmas and we loved having Annie and Aunt Beth visit with us for the holiday. Cailee made her promise to come for every Christmas (and would prefer that she just move in).

Some hightlights of Christmas 2013

  • Our first trip to see the lights of Casville and HappyLand
  • Riley singing Jingle Bells (yes, she’s barely 2 years old), in comparison, Connor’s favorite song is “The Wheels on the Bus” but it’s more about the arm motions than the words
  • Cailee performing on her roller skates – no matter how many times she’s fallen, she gets right back up and tries again.
  • Our Christmas tree that kept falling down (til we had to get a new one)
  • Bailey’s hair trim – you wouldn’t know it’s the same dog
  • Connor’s first try at the Gingerbread house (he mostly ate the candy) and Cailee’s first go at using cookie cutters (our snowflakes turned out like flowers but we had a lot of fun anyhow)
  • The Herrman family trivia contest (it was all about the softballs and hardballs). PS. I think Cailee won
  • And plenty of love, laughter and family – who could ask for more.