Ok, so I really shouldn’t call JJ crazy; brave, adventurous, strong are probably much better words to assess the feat he accomplished (and all for a good cause).
JJ participated in a charity bike ride, benefiting MS, on Saturday. Unfortunately, the weather wasn’t exactly on his side. Cailee and I were sweating and we weren’t even riding, it was just plain hot – with temperatures in the 100’s and a heat index I don’t want to even think about.

I never seemed to be in the right place at the right time when taking these pictures – but you get the idea. The first rest stop was at this picturesque chapel – and we passed many more along the route- so day I need to retrace my steps just to get photos of all the beautiful chapels. Plus, considering the circumstances, I have a feeling JJ couldn’t appreciate them as he climbed hill after hill.

The nice thing was that at each pit stop, seeing they were at either a church or a school there was a playground. We checked out each one, so yes, we played, while Daddy played [suffered].