Now that the countdown is on to the beach, I am busy trying to cram everything into the next two weeks, so I had to do a bit of work this weekend (ok, a bit, might be an understatement) but I am determined to get enough done so I can forget about it for my week of vacation (Sorry Bob!). Ironically, we had a message at church about margins and making time for what is important to you and that is something I so often just skim right over. So not that I left a lot of white space on the paper this weekend, but I did get a lot accomplished – including some good ol family time.

First we checked out the Raleigh Live (or something like that) event in downtown Raleigh. Except for an overcast and rainy day (unpredicted – figures) we had a good time checking everything out. There was a lot going on. Most of the events were jam packed so we had to put Cailee on Dad’s shoulders to even have a chance of seeing the action – I think she was still a little too short.

It was a blast from the past seeing the Hurricanes mascot and the slapshot booth. I spent many many a nights airing out the mascot uniform (not this one specifically) in my college apartment (however, I never wore it I am proud to say) and nearly as many nights manning this slapshot booth (and yes, by the wear on the booth, I can safely say that’s the same one).

While Cailee was too young for this, it was quite interesting. It was a portable pool which the kids maneuvered within giant plastic balls. I have never seen anything quite like that before. Someday Cailee would have a blast in that thing.

On Sunday afternoon, after the family left, we took a nap (well, I squeezed in a few sketches, everyone else napped) and then we headed to Gymboree for playtime. It was just open playtime so Cailee did what she does best – and loved it since no one forced her to sing any silly songs or do silly exercises. Who can beat that.

Its just too bad the weekend is over already. Back to the grind.