Coming from a designer by profession – it probably seems odd to have an entry titled “A chance to design” because that is what I do most of my life. But this was different… seeing my IBM colleageu and fellow working mom (and I mean that literally – she works simultaneously with the kids – same as I try to do) Mary’s new blog design, (Sorry, Mary, I copied your birdies – although I think yours are cuter – I might need to work on that – I have a thing for birds these days) made me think it was high time I did something with my blog – other than find what I thought were cool pre-made themes (yes, I admit – I didn’t create those other ones but kudos to the artists that did). I can’t really tell you what my design inspiration was or direction – I haven’t ever been very good at that – since I didn’t officially attend design school, nor was I never critiqued in a legit “crit” kind of way – I just had fun playing with colors and styles that are usually hand-off when it comes to IBM design.

While I don’t get the opportunity to do freelance as often as I did before – mostly because I have no time, but partly because sitting in front of my computer when I don’t really have to is not what I want to do (you can’t fault me there). But there are times when people close to me request help with stuff and it pulls on the old heart strings and I jump back in. Plus, I don’t want to get rusty when it comes to being truly creative – so much of the challenge of design comes when you are faced with a blank slate and a few rough requirements that the customer has and its up to you to read their mind and depict exactly what they were thinking.

So here’s are the latest updates to my portfolio. (Next up – actually update my on-line portfolio with these new samples – ah maybe next time)

This blog template (I’ve included a picture even though you can see it as large as life – but the creative itch might hit me again and so I figured I would save it for prosterity sake), which also includes an update to the photos site to match, and a unique iPhone icon for the first time ever (if you add this site to your iPhone – a cute photo of Cailee will grace your phone screen.

I also recently redesigned the website for Tapco Crane and Rigging (talk about a challenge – this is a topic I know nothing about).

And finally, I helped out my former boss at the Hurricanes with a new venture he’s starting – Big Bullet Marketing, it’s so ironic to me that I am doing design from the guy who taught me what I know about design. I still remember frantically working as long as I could stay awake at night to get something halfway presentable done – so that when I went to work I could avoid “what is that?” as was often the case with my early designs.

Well there you have it – now I must get back to reality and finish up the work that IBM is counting on me for – after all that’s what pays the bills and honestly, even though the challenge is different and the client is corporate, *most days* its still just as fun.