No complaints about today – only that it had to end (and that I can sense allergy season coming on). We spent most of the day outside and enjoyed some rousing games of hide and go seek (although at this age, it’s really just about the “go seek” because the hiding is not all that spectacular – take the time JJ tried to hide behind the dog – fail), bubble guns, and bike riding (for Connor, Cailee preferred a ride of leisure in the mini).




This “was” supposed to be his Easter shirt.





I believe she was being chased by the bubble gun.



Silliness at its best


1-2-3-4-ready or not…



I found you (it was more like, “Mommy your butt is hanging out from behind that tree”)





Don’t take my picture, I have helmet hair, were his exact words









Yes, Connor is still very much into his monster trucks. In fact today, he came up with the ingenious idea to take aluminum foil and mold some of his matchbox cars. And then he lined all the molds up and proceeded to crush them with his monster trucks just like in the show. Pretty clever if I don’t say so.