I guess what they say is true. When they start walking, you spend all your time trying to keep up. And I don’t know if its just because she’s walking or that she’s just curious. Any cabinet unsecured or left cracked open is fair game, a chance to run for the stairs, an open gate, all open invitations for mischievousness. But all in all – its been fun, and wow, she’s growing up so fast. In just a few weeks time she’ll be a year and I can hardly believe it. Here are the highlights.

  • She’s walking, a lot. More than she’s crawling these days. She’s falling alot too, but all the chubby must be good padding, she doesn’t get upset too often.
  • She’s eating a lot of solid foods, some of her favorites are grilled cheese sandwiches, cheese puffs, fruit chews, strawberries, yogurt, ice cream (she gets that from her daddy), ritz crackers, golfish (the colored ones are fun), chicken nuggets, french fries, pasta and more.
  • She’s no longer grabbing at the cats, she is finally petting – although the damage has been done – they are still terrified of her. But now that’s she mobile – she catches them off guard on occasion and loves to pet them. Makes her giggle every time. I think she even has a name for them, though I have no idea what she’s saying – she uses the same expression every time she sees a cat.
  • Cailee likes to now carry her toys, telephones, remote controls, etc with her when she walks. She also dances a lot to the music, but dancing and walking or standing don’t go so well together yet.
  • She’s sleeping THROUGH THE NIGHT! This is quite possibly the best news. Almost to the day she started walking, she started going to bed early – like by 7:15 and sleeping through the night. Its amazing how much walking around is tiring her out. I actually administer the baths and dinner now. Unfortunately JJ sees little of Cailee during the week since she is ready for bed about 30 minutes after he gets home.
  • Its fun to watch Cailee grow daily. I’ll try to keep up so you can see her grow too!