More activity for Miss Cailee today… if you can’t follow the trend, we do our best to wear her out so we can get a little reprieve but I think it often backfires – only serving to wear us out. Lately, Cailee has had a fascination with Airplanes. She points to the sky every time there is a noise – whether its a car in the distance or truly a plan – its all the same. So we thought she would enjoy the RDU Airport Observation deck – and she did – I am not sure she understood that these big planes she was seeing on the ground were the same as the tiny specks in the sky but there is actually a park and a mini runway and she enjoyed running in the sand without her shoes. Plus, there are a lot of steps to get up to the observation deck so that meant we had to try them out a few (ok – a lot!) of times.

Sorry, it seems her back was always too me as she was watching the planes. So at least you can see what she was seeing and notice how long her hair is getting. She’s playing with it some – not sure if that is an indication its getting to long and hot for summer.

Afterwards, we let Daddy enjoy Monkey Joe’s with Cailee – since he hadn’t had the pleasure the first time around. With Mom’s bum knee these days (Doc says I probably damaged the meniscus, so I have a lovely patch of topical antibiotics on it that are not making any difference at all except for making it hard to be fashionable), Dad was on deck to carry Cailee up the slide each time (she’s still a bit too small to climb it – but loves the thrill of flying down). I *think* he was much more tired then Cailee – of course – he was doing the heavy lifting.

The funniest part was how interested Cailee was in the Atari Car Racing game. She waited patiently while the boys finished racing and then insisted on sitting in the seat to race herself. I think that actually trumped the slide. A girl after her Daddy’s heart.

We topped off the warm weekend with ice cream – it couldn’t have been any better!