Cailee is really into birthday parties – I guess that’s just a thing that comes with the territory. Her birthday is the most important (and she thinks its right around the corner, its always the “next” party), but she was excited to celebrate Allison’s 4th birthday too. Its cute to me to see her enjoying “friends”, so much so that she doesn’t always like to share friends. Cailee’s come a long way too – at Allison’s party last year, she was attached to mommy’s hip – she still likes to keep Mom within arm’s reach -but she also runs around and plays much more independently with her friends. Connor got in on the fun as well – he enjoyed his first time in the bouncy, and even went down the slide a few times.

Cailee got stuck as the “monkey in the middle” with both girls wanting to push her in the swing.

Here’s a good example of what I mean by not wanting to share her friends. All the girls got in a line to take a group shot. Cailee had to be right beside Allison and was quite pleased with herself for doing so.

But then big brother Quinn jumped in the picture. You can see how disappointed Cailee gets.

Connor wasn’t the only little dude at the party. He actually had a companion just two weeks older then him.