This past weekend Cailee went to Allison’s 5th birthday party. Where does the time go? I still remember, like it was yesterday, when I heard Terri was pregnant with Allison – but then again, I can’t believe Cailee will be five herself in just a few months. The party was right up Cailee’s alley, it was held at the Tumble Gym (fun, new place for us), where the girls all got to jump, run, somersault and flip till their hearts’ content. They capped off the festivities with pizza, cupcakes and a wardrobe change into princess dresses to sing happy birthday. She was, of course, a little timid to start (see the first photo below, she looks terrified), but slowly came around in typical “Cailee” fashion.

She loved the trampoline most of all and even today asked me if she could go to this gym instead of her little gym for gymnastics, I’m suspicious that apparatus alone might be the reason for that. She was also thrilled that Allison was wearing a Cinderella dress, same as her. She told me, upon leaving, it was the best party ever and would like to go to another party there next weekend. I’ll have to work on that.