While I can’t fathom that 2011 is almost over – this year has flown by faster than any I can remember thus far – Connor is almost nine months old -how is that possible? And I haven’t even kept up with his baby book – its next on the to do list. But this fun activity came first. I just love some of the ideas that younghouselove.com comes up with – the weekly photo project – their idea, as is this year’s idea for a calendar. In fact, they provided the template – I might still go back and make a few minor changes – JJ thinks I should better arrange some of the pictures to align with the festivities or significance of the months (ie. Connor was born in April, but I am showing his baby picture in February) and I am not sure of the coloring of the photos (if you look at the original, the intended style was more muted, yet consistent in color) but, its 11:45 pm so I am calling it quits for tonight at least.

Ok, I slept on it now and I just decided I would show you the alternative (ok its more so I can compare both options side by side). This effect gives it a bit of an historical feel.
I think I might just let the printer decide – things tend to look so much different after you print them out.