Connor had his first doctor appt with the newborn nurse on Monday (at 5 days old). All went well, he is gaining back some of the weight he had lost at the hospital so clearly, as I already knew, feeding is going just fine. He is sleeping well too. The first night was a little challenging – we didn’t know what to expect and since he was in the nursery at the hospital – it was our first night with him. He just wanted to eat and poop from about 11-4 it seemed and then finally he fell asleep. Night two – we got on a better routine. He did the cluster feeding from 10-12 and then he and I slept in the chair from 12-4 (it was sleep for both of us, so I’ll take it). We were up again from 4-5 and then he slept in the crib from 5-7 – so not too bad. The routine has been similar since then. I have tried to go to bed around 9:30-10 and get an hour or two of sleep before the midnight feeding and then Connor has been sleeping til 4 and then he feeds again and is asleep until about 7.

We also made an appointment for Cailee on Monday – some time back she had an earache (barely) – but ever since then she still liked to talk about her ear that hurt – although sometimes it was the left and othertimes the right. Just to be cautious we had the doc check her out – and she did have a little pinkness but not enough to warrant any medication – however, I was most excited that she tolerated the probing and checking of the doctor. Even at the 2 year appointment, she was still fighting and crying – and this time, she did everything the doctor asked with not so much of a whimper. Its amazing the transformation Cailee has made in the last few weeks – she just grew up overnight – and the timing couldn’t have been better.