We were done photos by 10 so we had much more day to enjoy. We followed our session up with breakfast at Chikfila and some serious sliding (do all chickfila’s have slides – if so that’s major kudos to them – and to think a year ago I never even noticed – this year they are a life saver).

We insisted that Cailee sit down while we ate and so she plopped on the window ledge – can’t really argue with that (well I guess we could but we didn’t).

Ok, and the flash would have been a good option. Sorry those pictures are so dark!

Then we snuck in a nap (for Cailee) and took a trip to Hillsborough Hog Day. Sadly, JJ, nearly a native Hillsboroughian or Hillsboroughite, had never been and I actually have only attended once courtesy of Stormy, the ice hog (days long gone). It was hot, and they had run out of bbq, 2XL t-shirts (go figure) and did I say it was hot? But we can say we were there – check that one off the list.


Cailee was redfaced and sweaty but certainly seemed to enjoy herself.
We cooled off back home with the kiddie pool and sprinkler. (I know, if that’s not the most redneck solution to a swimming pool, I don’t know what is) – just don’t tell Cailee – she still enjoys it immensely.