So this weekend we are having our first family photos (with both kiddos) taken. Its just a mini shoot – hopefully just long enough to get a good shot or two, and short enough to no exceed Cailee’s attention span. The photos are going to be taken in Apex – at some random location – still for me to find out. And I have been wracking my brain and polling any fashion sense I might have to coordinate (but not appear too matchy matchy) clothing – I didn’t realize how challenging that would prove to be.

But the real hard part will actually be to get everyone to pose/smile and look at the camera – at the same time. Tonight we “practiced” – here was some of our snaps (and no, these are not the outtakes) using photobooth on the computer. I think you’ll understand why a pro is in order here. And even then I’ll need to say a prayer that she has tremendous patience and a quick finger. It’s gonna take that to get a photo of our family.