Today was an adventure for sure and the first real time I missed having an extra pair of adult hands to help me. The kids had their hearts set on doing the tie dye at the beach club. So we packed up, headed to the beach. When it was just about time for the tie dye we grabbed a few things and trudged up to the club. Just as we arrived, it started to thunder. The pool was closed but the tie dye was still going to happen. However, as it looked like a storm was rolling in I decided to head back to the beach to close things up a bit more. While I was there, they blew an awful loud horn, which seemed to be the warning to pack up and leave the beach. So, I packed things up as quickly as I could and ran back to the clubhouse only to find out that the tie dye had been cancelled. But crisis averted right? No, actually, the storm never became a thing and we ended up just driving down the beach and spending more time in the sand and surf watching the sunset. No storm in sight.

For dinner, I dragged the kids to my favorite place – Wild Olive. Its a little fancy but it was like a date with my kids and they were very well behaved. Cailee actually liked the spaghetti (wonders never ceased). We capped off the evening with Hermit Crab races. We rented two crabs this time around and we weren’t quite as successful as last year. Our crabs were small and while they always finished strong, they weren’t two quick off the trigger. Cailee, always the competitor was a little disappointed but she got over it quickly. We capped off a long day with a night swim. Cailee had been determined she would swim one time at night and that she did, overcoming her fears that there must be creepy critters lurking in the dark at night. #smallvictories.