The last few days, the temps have soared. The mercury has been registering levels I don’t ever recall (or chose to put out of memory), well into three digits. I started thinking about all the things we could do inside to beat the heat and savor the AC and that would all have been grand – IF – Cailee wanted to play inside. Apparently a little sun, sweat and saltiness doesn’t scare her – she has wanted to be outside and that means, I had to be outside. So we have enjoyed the kiddie pool (Yes, it was too hot, I got in it with her), we have used the hose to cool off, and we have just plain sweltered – but all in good fun.

After Connor’s nap – he even got into the action – taking a dip in his polo and diaper (which can hold a lot of water, I might say). Luckily, you can see, Connor’s looking a lot less beat up. The swelling is down and the bruise is hardly noticeable. So relieved to see that cute face returned to normal.