I think I already mentioned that Cailee calls the ocean the big pool. I suppose that’s my fault, that’s how I thought I would describe it to her since she knows what a pool is – but now its stuck. Last night we had to go say “Night night” to the big pool. Fortunately, we are very close to the big pool and we can see it from our front window too – so she always points it out to us.

Here is a video of Cailee in the big pool – as you can see – she is a fan.

Here are a few more photos from our trip. In case I didn’t mention this before we are at the beach with our dear friends Eddie, Melanie and their two children (Isabella – ba ba to Cailee (3), and Audrey (10 mos) – which she actually can say but generally calls her baby). It seems everyone is a fan of the water, even Audrey.

Isabella is quite photogenic. I can’t wait for the day when I can say – “Cailee, smile” and she actually strikes a pose. Although if she’s anything like me, I’ll be waiting a long time.

Even Audrey loved the water!

We are thrilled that Cailee loved the “Big pool”. And even the sand didn’t bother her. Yesterday she dumped an entire shovel full on her head. Thought that was funny (of course because we laughed) and decided to do it to others. We had to cut short that game.