One goal for my maternity leave was to take Cailee to the library. I know I probably should have introduced Cailee to the wonders of the library well before now – but honestly, she isn’t really a “sit down, and be quiet” kind of child – so I was a bit nervous to do so at the risk that we would be permanently barred from the library.

Tonight, there was a bedtime stories session and I thought this might be fun for Cailee. It was, for the first 10 minutes, and then her attention was diverted to the rest of the library, the story books, the cardboard castle, the milk carton igloo and more. Who knew the library was such a fun place!

PS. I just now noticed the title of the book Cailee had chosen, “See Santa Nap” – too bad we didn’t bring this one home with us, my interest is piqued.

Of course, Connor wasn’t going to miss out on all the fun!