For peace of mind we finally called in the big guns yesterday. Certainly not an expense I expected to incur just a few days after bringing a newborn home and just hours into the fall season when the cold weather should be enough to get rid of the creepy crawly bugs – but since we have a sneaking suspicion that some critters were finding it much more comfortable in our home and on our being rather than outside where they belonged, we decided to get the house sprayed.

It was a cool day with a nice breeze so we couldn’t have asked for better circumstances – we just opened the windows, turned on the fans and I packed up everything I could think of (a bit of an overkill to be sure) and took the baby to the Dewar’s for the day while the bug man did his thing.

We kept busy buying flea and tick medicine for the cats and shampoo for lola (she didn’t agree with the bath at the time but I am sure if much better for it now – she actually tried to bite off the end of the hair dryer). Cailee slept through most of it as is par for the course these days (but who’s complaining).

It didn’t smell any different and I haven’t noticed any dead bugs lying around as evidence but I’ll just have to take the man’s word for it – that we should be rid of the bugs – at least until next spring rolls around. Phew, what a relief.