Cailee and Lola have the most adorable relationship.. Every morning when I get Cailee up – she peers around my shoulder and looks for Lola who is always close behind. Today, was no different except Lola is at JJ’s work (gotta get her out of the house so she doesn’t harass the cleaning girl). Cailee looked around everywhere but couldn’t see Lola. You could tell she was disappointed. Lola and Cailee love to kiss – I suppose I should be concerned, because if I don’t catch it in time, Cailee will pause and open her mouth wide for Lola’s kisses. And Lola tries to sneak them in all the time. However, Lola knows if she gets too close, Cailee will grab a fistful of hair – so for that reason, she doesn’t hang around for long.

Cailee helped me fold some laundry!