And makes her first powerpoint….

Well she didn’t exactly “make” the powerpoint (at least not yet, that will be her first art project though), but she was featured as the newest member of the IBM dW family on today’s all hands call.

Cailee is certainly an ibm-er in training – although we haven’t even gotten to the training wheels stage yet – stay tuned she is sure to show up on conference calls, as results in PBC’s and her designs will wow everyone – who can see past the kiddie scribbles to the real art.

Peter has already volunteered to babysit – with one stipulation – she has to be out of diapers – because he doesn’t do diapers apparently. And Peter – I’ll make sure to bring her back – so she doesn’t forget you (Per his request, he just knows she’ll love the comfy chair).

If Cailee could provide her own acknowledgements here is what she would say…
To Bob – You are getting very good at powerpoint, thanks for the shout-out!
To Jeff – Thanks for the toilet clamps – finally a reason for mommy to insist that the toilet seat should be kept down.
To Tori – For thoroughly entertaining me, even letting me pull on your pretty red hair.