I am a little late in posting this. Cailee’s first day of school was a week ago. I tried to get her to pose – but her new thing is to want to pose for a picture but to refuse to look at the camera. Maybe this is a new model-esque pose that she’s got going on – or maybe it part of the, I’m a preschooler, I can do what I want and pretend not to hear you phase – either way, every picture she is looking at something else entirely.

I can report that this year has gone well so far. No crying at drop off – a lot of himming and hawing, a lot of hugs and kisses for me and Connor as we walk her to the door – anything to prolong us staying – but ultimately she lets go and has been fine. So that is huge! Week two we have even had to do the carline due to the school paving their lot – which means someone else takes her from the car. She’s says she’s scared but she’s definitely put on her big girl panties (can I say that?) because she’s doing it. I am so proud. We have really come a long way!