Since Cailee is such an active child (apparently my genes are to thank), I thought it might be a good idea to get her involved in some organized activities, because honestly, besides running her up and down the stairs, I don’t know how to keep her busy enough. So I checked out the local gymnastics and the new Gymboree (we had gone once to Gymboree before when Cailee was about 6 months old but it wasn’t convenient at the time), I opted for Gymboree since I had a bit more flexibility with the schedule and there is a “learn” segment – right, play and learn. Well, that is what proved to be the challenge. We really warmed up to the play time, but the learn – everyone, sit in a circle and do specific tasks – which followed the play – wasn’t our favorite time of the hour. Cailee kept making every attempt to sneak back to the “play”. On one hand it was entertaining, but I wouldn’t admit that to Cailee. The best part is Gymboree is right across the street from JJ’s work – she he was able to check in for the last 15 minutes and then enjoy a quick lunch with us.