As Cailee gets older, she’s more and more interested in exploring the woods behind the house in fact, she has coined our neighborhood as Cailee’s forest. (JJ has added “enchanted”). I’ve never been a fan of blindly walking through the woods, not knowing what I might stumble upon. The closest I used to come to playing in the woods was trail running – which I loved, but I was also in shape and could quickly run away from something ominous. More recent experiences have put me into contact with black widows, lizards, snakes and way too many other creepy crawlers. And while Cailee is going through a phase where every bug creeps her out (even ants produce screams), she loves playing in the woods. And Connor, he’s just content to hand out in the swing.

PS. The giant scratch(s) on Cailee’s face are courtesy of Connor. He’s in a grabbing, scratching, pulling kind-of stage right now.