So typically, kids get read a book at night, and we try to do that – actually had a good thing going for a while, until the singing took over. Cailee has slowly added more and more songs to the line-up and it takes us quite some time to get her to bed because she wants to sing through all the songs she knows.

So we asked Cailee to perform them for us – she started off good and then it went steadily downhill from here (and some is quite quiet – she often insists on whispering the songs – because the other extreme – shouting the songs seems to rouse Connor so she’s been corrected a few times on that.

My favorite is this little verse. Beth and I used to say this nightly to each other in our bunk beds. Its sweet to me that Cailee has it memorized and insists on saying it now.

Next up, its the itsy bitsy spider, abcs (you can’t hear it – but JJ loves that instead of JKLM… she says JJLM…), and then we end with Jesus Loves me. This version got a bit theatrical and our laughing only seemed to egg her on even more. So the performance takes a drastic downward spiral – far warning.