It was almost an easier decision to take Cailee to the fair last year at 6 weeks then this year at 13 months. At six weeks she slept soundly in the baby bjorn, straight through the tractor pulls and turkey shoot, but this year, we knew she would be awake and wanting to take it all in. And as these days go – the stroller lasts for about 20 minutes at best and running around is the preferred mode of transportation. So we decided to compromise, we considered a child carrier.

On Saturday we actually went and tried some out and decided maybe it wasn’t the best thing – she cried hysterically. On Sunday however as the day gloomed cloudy with threatening rain, I wondered if we had any other alternative and everyone had sworn once she is moving around she’ll love it. We opted for the smaller carrier for our own comfort and away we went. And lucky for us she was a fan. Only time the stroller would have been preferred is when she finally fell asleep but that was after nearly three hours of fun in the back pack. She could have cared less for the animals but loved the people watching and taking in all the sights and sounds of the fair. She even enjoyed a bit of ham biscuit.