Betty and her friend recently bred a litter of four Parti Yorkies (its a Yorkshire Terrier, but has white, brown and black hair instead of grey/blue, brown and black). They are one week old today and while Betty was babysitting, we went over to see the puppies.

I can honestly say I don’t think I have seen dogs this tiny before – they couldn’t have been more than 3 inches long, couldn’t open they eyes and just focused on hunting for momma. Oh and couldn’t have been cuter. The photos just don’t do them justice..

It’s a tough decision as to whether one of these fellas is right for our crazy house. Lola left a huge void, I miss my furry snuggle buddy, but another little one in our house means I will be potty training x 2.

I will tell you, if you are every trying to make such a decision, don’t go hold the puppies in question. Can you tell we had a favorite?

And the proud momma. In the first shot she is glaring at me saying “get that thing out of my face” and after she realized I was going to be persistent, she obviously perked up.