JJ stayed at home with Cailee last night – in an attempt to get some rest – which may be an unreasonable expectation given that he had Cailee to entertain and I had a very sleepy newborn – but the hope was that our bed at home, and no/less interruptions at night would be more restful then the hospital pull-out chair he had attempted to sleep in the night before. (We are all still trying to make up for the sleep we lost the Tuesday night and then truly never recovered on Wednesday.) However, this left me with some very unusually quiet time Thursday afternoon and evening. I had a student nurse who seemed to take a liking to me – or else had no one else to care for, so she spent a good bit of time checking in on me. At one point, she decided she should do a photoshoot of mom and baby – a nice gesture I imagine. We didn’t change up the pose too much – my model instincts just didn’t kick in – but I figured I would share as its unlikely, as the family photographer, that I’ll be featured in many of the photos in the next few weeks. Today, we are waiting the final rounds of the doctors in anticipation of our check out – and a return to the craziness – which I actually miss – but for just a few hours I did relish the unique bonding opportunity Connor and I had.