When Cailee was 18 months old we signed her up for Gymboree and it proved to be a good thing so we decided to do the same for Connor. Poor guy is always on the sidelines watching his big sister have all the fun at Little Gym, soccer, puggles, preschool – now it was finally his turn.

He joined the 16-22 months class – play and learn 4 and he was great. I worried about him, being small for his age and on the younger end of the group at 17 months, but he really held his own. I might be biased but I thought he did better than most of the big kids (I know, that’s what every mom says).

Its cute to compare Connor at this stage to Cailee when we first took her. This was day one at Gymboree for Cailee.

Even though Cailee was a little restless, she enjoyed watching Connor do his thing and even recognized some of the old songs and played along from the lobby. At the end she gave a big cheer, acknowledging how good Connor did – it just made me realize how much both of them are growing up (sniff).