Connor is one special little guy – he’s got a great family and everyone was anxious to meet him. He’s had a busy first two days. Yesterday, he was quite content to just sleep, eat (he’s a good eater) and lay around and take it all in – he certainly didn’t mind all the attention either. Today, he was busy – he met big sister Cailee but unfortunately, he was pretty sleepy because he was circumcised today and was given some good meds. Cailee liked her baby brother, she was very gentle and liked giving him kisses and patting him lightly – she also liked the baby’s paci. While I relish the opportunity to rest one more night at the hospital – I am anxious to get home, I miss my little girl and I just know she’s gonna be a big help to me.

Ok, I am vain, and this is not the best picture of me – but its the only one of the JJ and I. We’ll need to work on this.

Gdaddy Herrman

GG Dewar

G-daddy Dewar

Uncle John

Aunt Emily

Cailee meets Connor

Cailee mimics baby Connor in the big hospital bed

Connor enjoys his paci