Even though it was Connor’s first Christmas (and he had a good day, as far as I could tell), the day was really about Cailee. For the first time, she seemed to get it. She knew it was Jesus’ birthday, we even sang happy birthday. She also knew all about Santa and while she wasn’t up at the crack of dawn (mom and dad are grateful for this), she was very anxious to open all her presents. I was pleasantly surprised to see however, that it wasn’t just about her gifts, once she was done, she happily handed out presents to everyone else, even saying “Merry Christmas” as she delivered them. Its sweet to see that even in all the hustle bustle and excitement of the holidays, she wasn’t jaded. I hope I can bottle that up for years to come.

Both kiddos racked up a lot of goodies (way too many from my estimation!). Connor got his first push car, I liked it because it reminded me of a mini cooper. Of course, Cailee enjoys the occasional push too. The best part, however, is that you can adjust the handle in the back and there is a height that is perfect for her to push Connor, so she has had a lot of fun with that too. He also got a plush chair – but he doesn’t quite get its usefulness yet. Cailee got a vanity and a lot of fun princess dresses, sparkly shoes, jewelry and lip gloss to go with it. She loves to sparkle and has spent most of the last few days dolled up in a princess dress.

Here’s a few pics from the morning. You’ll have to forgive me, I was paying attention more to the excitement, then I was to picture-takin’.