I am so super psyched. I probably (ok, I did) got a little ahead of myself here. I wanted to get a quilt made out of all the fabric that I had been using for Connor’s weekly photos. I didn’t have a clue how long it takes to make a quilt. Honestly, I still see quilt making as a bunch of ladies all sitting around and painstakingly hand stitching each and every square. Fast forward a few centuries, and even still, I expected it was no easy task so I wanted to make sure I had plenty of time to make the quilt in time for Connor’s first birthday (yep, I know, still three months out).

I certainly wish I had the skill (and the time) to make something all on my own, but I just don’t so I was more than ok with leaving this task to the experts. Just before Christmas I found some quilts on etsy that I loved. They have a clean side – like what you expect out of a traditional quilt, but they also have a ragged, “unraveled” side (which is ironically the name of the shop, rory unraveled). I love this kind of rustic, non-traditional style and in some ways, it feels a bit more appropriate for a boy, kinda rough around the edges.

I took a chance and asked Carly if she would make one of her signature throw quilts with all my crazy, tacky, non-matching fabric. She was game and I was thrilled. I bought all the rest of the fabric I was going to need for 53 weeks (so the pix below is a little sneak peek of what is to come) and shipped some of it off to her to work her magic. To give you an idea her work – here are some of her other quilts – I just love! Cailee doesn’t know it yet, but there might be a quilt in her future, I just need to get her to stop using her duvet as her artist canvas.

Even better, my quilt will be en-route this week. I can’t wait to see it! Even though I don’t expect Connor will be sporting this quilt on his bed in his college dorm or anything, I hope that its something that he will always have, to remember (well not that he will remember the actual photo sessions, thankfully because the tactics I have to take these days to make him smile and lay still could scar him for life) all the craziness I have been putting him through this first year of his life. Here’s a sneak peak of the “smooth” side that she sent me. Now, I bet you can’t say you’ve ever seen a quilt like that before!