So at right about 12 months, Connor took his first steps. I never made a big deal of it because he is not really consistent. He always takes a step or two and then falls down because he gets so excited. That has been his mode for the last month. Occasionally he will take 4 or 5 steps in a row if he really concentrates.

Cailee was much different – she was walking around 10 and a half months and once she took her first unassisted steps – it was on from there. Knowing what I know now – I am OK with Connor taking his time with this milestone. I want to keep my little guy, my little guy for as long as I can. They grow up just too darn fast. That being said, for Connor, getting where he wants to get to is not a problem – he can crawl like a madman these days and climbing is becoming quite an issue. He will climb up or in just about anything. I can say, Connor is quite more adventurous then Cailee – I suspect that’s the boy in him.

I thought this video was hilarious though. Let me set the stage. We are at the Little Gym. Cailee is in class in another room and we all wait in the lobby (behind a glass window to watch Cailee) with the other parents. Typically, Connor gets a little too curious and JJ has to take him to an unoccupied room so he can roam vs. crawling up other parents’ legs. JJ was trying to videotape him walking, so he had him all set up to do it, and this is what happened.