Having a boy is proving to be a bigger challenge then I thought and the kiddo is not even close to being here. Of course, since my life is design, that doesn’t stop when it comes to the nursery – And trying to determine just the right design is not easy. I am kinda burnt out on the pastels – considering we have two light colored rooms for Cailee, so I am going to the other extreme. Very rustic (seems to make sense with our house being in the woods), browns, reds, plaids, you get the idea. The problem is – that traditionally baby boy nursery gear doesn’t come in this palette – apparently baby boys want their rooms decorated like little girls, except substitute the pink for Carolina blue (and you know I can’t do that).

So I am making it work – having a quilt from pottery barn kids remade as a bumper, some brown ticking stripe fabric as the skirt and a duvet cover as the sheets (I had to get creative). Then I am pulling in some old Canes memorabilia – I figured it would come in handy some day. Thankfully the room is already painted a nice khaki color, the crib is a hand-me-down from you know who, and the dresser is a relic from JJ (He would be mad for that) but its perfect for the sturdy woodsy look I am going for. We are even reusing some wall art then never really made sense in the hallway given its motorcycle theme and is a nice red and brown design perfect for a little rascal.

Here is my inspiration just so you can paint a better mental picture then the one I have provided you.