After a full day of traveling and Magic Kingdom, we headed to Hollywood Studios. We had been told/read that this was the other (of the four parks) park that would have things kids our age would appreciate. Amazingly, we hit the road by 9:30ish (pretty good for us, considering making it to 11:00 AM church on Sundays always seems a struggle). First thing we did was get Mickey’s autograph. Had I known we would meet Mickey countless times at our variety of character meals I might have skipped this – but it introduced the kids to autographs and Cailee really got the swing of it from here on out.

While JJ and Connor moved on to the Toy Story ride, Cailee and I did an animation art class. It reminded me of the behind the scenes class I took years ago. I thought she did really well drawing Minnie Mouse. But being the perfectionist she is she got disappointed looking at the adults around her and seeing how much better they did. Unfortunately, I know where she gets that from but it still broke my heart because I think she is extremely talented.

At Hollywood studios we met many of our favorite characters – Mickey, Buzz LightYear and Woody, the monsters from Monsters University, Wreck It Ralph, Lightning McQueen and Mator, I’m probably forgetting someone/something. We rode the Toy Story ride, Star Wars, behind the scenes tour, saw several 3D movies, Little Mermaid show, Beauty and the Beast show. JJ and Cailee did the Tower of Terror (shocked she did this – it was an elevator that takes you up several floors and then drops you – even JJ was a little unnerved by it).

We had lunch at Prime Time 50s style cafe. This was fun, they treated you like kids at the dinner table. I would highly recommend the milkshakes – very very good and the kids enjoyed the sundae they got to make for desert.

We missed the Lights, Motors Action show we wanted to see so we decided we would come back to see this later in the week.

Monday night we had dinner at our Resort. Everyone raves about the Whispering Canyon Cafe and fortunately for us it was close to home (room). Connor was still building up his stamina and today he had gone without a nap so he and I didn’t make it all the way through dinner. I took the rest in the room while Cailee and JJ stayed behind. It was apparently a fun dinner where the wait staff like to make light of some things (like ask for the Ketchup, which Cailee did, and you get every bottle of ketchup in the restaurant brought to your table.) Overall, I was amazed at the efforts made at some of these restaurants to have fun. This one had all the kids get on “ponies” and gallop around the room at one point during the meal.

We had promise Cailee she could swim and never made it to the pool so later this evening we took a dip. It was a nice way to cool off and end the day.