This weekend we spend the majority of Saturday at the mini car dealership – its become, in a lot of ways since purchasing our latest vehicle, our home away from home, just by the sheer number of hours our car has been there versus in our own garage or possession. This time, they forgot to put the deflector back in the sun roof when they replaced it and it was unusable unless you enjoyed the wind blowing your headache around.

The challenge was how to entertain Cailee – well that wasn’t necessarily our challenge – she found plenty to entertain herself – we just had to closely monitor her choice of activity.

Here are some of my favorite moments from this week, along with a few notes.

  • Cailee is loving being under things now – desks, tables, her crib, whereever she can squeeze herself, she’s there.
  • Cailee can be entertained by the simplest things, no matter how great her toys are, she was loving the ride in the laundry basket and a water bottle is just as fun as a toy that sparkles, makes music and spins.
  • Cailee experienced her first drink with a real straw (now she drinks with mommy’s straw all the time) she did good with the sucking but didn’t quite grasp that if you push on the box you get apple juice in the face. oh well, it was worth a try.