We are making some great progress with Cailee and the potty training (some day she will love to share this post with her boyfriend(s) – and its for this reason that I haven’t included any photos of our success).

All of a sudden, after constant prodding for the last six months (within reason), she decided she wanted to try, and this was without a bribe, although a little candy here and there has certainly not hindered the progress. I will give some serious credit to this book, thanks GG for the find, it seemed to prompt Cailee to want to give the potty a try finally.

We have been doing well since last Thursday with the “peeps and poops” as Cailee is now qualifying what she has to do and has crafted her own labels. At the house Cailee initiates on her own, the challenge now is out in public, you certainly have to keep prompting her and I get easily distracted with Connor, so its a learning experience for all of us. Fingers crossed that we don’t get tired of this game (her or I) anytime soon.

Don’t they just grow up so fast?