I am just loving the weather these days. The leaves have turned brilliant colors, so much that our backyard literally glows when the sun shines through the trees (unfortunately, the leaves never stay on the trees long enough). The fall presents the best advantage and conversely, disadvantage for living in the woods. And as if that’s not enough, the temps are still warm enough to go barefoot, well, at least for Connor who always kicks his shoes off. So this week we have been enjoying the latter half of the afternoons outside.

Typically, the kids fight over the scooter, Connor will push anything and everything around (including the scooter) and Cailee picks leaves off the trees, collects twigs, acorns, rocks, etc and makes “campfires”, “pies”, aka piles of stuff. But, more worthy of noting would be.

a. Cailee giving an acorn a bath (using bubble solution). She toweled it off (literally) with a leaf. Maybe her new adoration for the acorn is where her recent use of the expression “Oh nuts!” stems from (that, or Grayson.)

b. Connor kicking a pine cone across the driveway. Seeing his dexterity at this age, I know have high hopes for him and his soccer career.

c. Connor’s new found obsession with Cailee’s pink bike helmet. Even with it hanging on sideways, he sports it proudly, actually jutting out his chin (although I expect this is mostly just to stabilize it). I have to believe/hope? that JJ’s motorcycle helmet is the inspiration.

d. Connor taking a nap on the pavement. He will rest ANYWHERE. Proof is in the pictures below, he actually laid down on the driveway for a minute, just chilling.

And that fat cat that I promised…