We are still enjoying our Fall days that feel more like Spring on the cusp of Summer then a prelude to Winter. In fact we are heading to the moutains this weekend for our Christmas tree and the forecast calls for high 60s – so much for getting into that wintery mode for the holidays.

The warm weather has, however, given us extended time outside and as a result Cailee has gotten a lot better on her bike (yeah! it took a while for her to get interested in the bike). Her and JJ even take short bike rides around the neighborhood – its quite cute. Meanwhile Connor likes the push the scooter around everywhere. I am so grateful the kids like to be outside and enjoy exercising (and worry that I’ll squelch that desire with the electric car we just got them for Christmas).

By the way, these are the last pictures I took before Connor got his locks trimmed. As you can see it was getting quite long – which to some extent I liked, but it also looked a bit like he had a mullet since it didn’t curl up as readily as Cailee’s used to.

Connor loves playing in the cars. But that’s not really a surprise – is it?