After a cool and crummy week (for reasons other than the weather), this weekend is quite toasty. Earlier this week Cailee got a bug – not sure where it came from or what it was – but it was no fun. Starting Sunday night – she couldn’t keep anything down. Then JJ picked up the crud – luckily it never completely hit me or those around me at work and such but apparently we did pass it to Greyson and Tracy (I feel so bad). That aside (and hopefully far behind) we have enjoyed this weekend’s warmth. We spent the morning at the hair salon and Meet in the Street in Wake Forest (coincidentally, the event was planned at the same time we ended up in downtown WF). Cailee held my hand and walked down the street, looking at all the vendors and back again. She is getting so much better at not wanting to run off on her own. We have been taking a lot of walks lately. She especially loves being held by both JJ and I and then dropping down so we will swing her up. That’s her favorite – although, she’s no feather – so mom can only do it for a little while (Cailee would go all the way down the street that way if we let her).

Cailee’s really into her baby doll these days. Today she wanted to take it for a walk with us. She pushed it the entire way. It was too cute. We tried out the bikini – not quite the bikini body yet and not quite pool season – even for the baby pool – we only tested it with our fingers and splashed a few times. Maybe next 90 degree day we’ll be more adventurous.