Well I think the fact that I haven’t posted for the last thirty days was a pretty good indication of how my year has started. 99% of it was work related, however, the other 1% was DIY home projects (more on that later). But I did get to push the emergency stop button on life once this past week for our “snowstorm” and again today, when spring peeked at us from around the corner.

The highlight of the snow had to be Cailee and her snow angels. It was the first year (no snow last year) that she executed it and she was beyond excited. We also made some snow cream, attempted a snowman (I failed but she made a small mountain eventually and called that Olaf – the snowman from “Frozen”). Connor surprised me and went outside, fell down one time and wanted to come back inside. He tried it a few more times, same outcome. In his defense, it was one of those “feels like single digits” day

In other news, Connor has finally acknowledged Cailee by name. THIS IS BIG. It has only taken nearly 3 years for Connor to call Cailee by name. Introducing “KeyKey” (phonetic spelling of course) as Connor’s big sister. As well, Cailee’s room is officially known as KeyKey’s house.

Fast forward three days and it’s beautiful outside. It was warm enough for Mom to be without a coat – so that’s got to tell you something. While daddy worked inside all day (boo), we played trucks, soccer, sandbox, trampoline and more. The best part is watching Cailee and Connor play together. They spend more and more time together these days and sure, they annoy each other plenty, but they are also have a lot of fun together. Laughter all around.