It was probably appropriate that my first food besides boring ol rice cereal was bananas! Today we tried Gerber organic first stage bananas. Of course I didn’t know that’s what it was – only that they took a little getting used to. What is it that everyone says? its an acquired taste. I am sure my mommy could tell – because I squished up my face into the worst expression – but after a few spoonfuls – I actually started to like it. I mean, bananas aren’t so bad and boy are they fun. I liked to eat a little, dribble a little down my chin, grab at the thingie with my hand and get a little banana to squish through my fingers and then clean off in my hair. Well I had to clean my hand somehow. I was also a big help to mommy with the contraption she was using to get the stuff in my mouth. I think I am going to like this food stuff.


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