We are headed home from the beach, literally, I am typing this in the car, hoping to not get a headache. Thanks to our borrowed mifi card, I am actually connected to the internet, so I will attempt to post my final batch of pictures, as this might be my last few minutes of unoccupied time. JJ and I got some good pictures last night after our final dinner out in Murrell’s Inlet (even a few WITHOUT the paci, which Cailee has started calling for by name, just in time for me to try and break her of the habit). We had a good seafood dinner outside and a walk on the pier. Cailee has learned the word “boat” this week, among others, being around children has certainly expanded her vocabulary. During our walk we had to stop on the pier to identify every boat, airplane and car (she can also now distinguish a truck from a car, I didn’t teach her that one, I suspect that came from Greyson).

Thanks to the fact I was not the only sweet tooth in the house this week, (Eddie apparently likes candy nearly as much as I do) Cailee has now acquired (it was difficult) a taste for pez candies and dum dum lollipops. We, in fact, are using a lollipop right now to secure a few minutes of quiet, next up will be a new dvd (while Cailee seems to be fine watching the same storyline over and over, it wears on JJ and I). And suffice it to say, the car ride home has not been as easy as the one into town, while we avoided all the traffic (yeah!), Cailee seems upset to be without her friends and leaving the big pool – ok, I am guessing as to the reason – she’s just cranky (and does say “baba and baby?” when we pass white suvs).

Anyhow, here are the pictures. Now its back to the grind (which truly isn’t that bad, just not has fun as life on the beach every day).