So if there is one thing I am doing really well at as a mom – its feeding. Cailee entered this world as a small tike (just 6-9) – and check back at some way early posts and you’ll see there was actually concern over an unusually small head and less than average measurements – so much so it seemed ultrasounds in the last month were a weekly occurance. But it didn’t take long for that reality to shift dramatically. Frankly, I should have seen it as a sign when the lactation specialist didn’t even come back by for a routine visit. Cailee was born being an expert at feeding or at least wanting to feed.

It should come as no surprise that since Cailee took every opportunity to partake during those early weeks, she has filled out, up and around, so much so she resembles a small buddah like on display seen at japanese restaurants (at least in the belly). As a result, we are proud to say that Cailee is just about twice her birth rate at 9 weeks (instead of the standard 6 month mark). I asked the doctor – how she was doing weight-wise- and he, being somewhat dry in personality, said, I don’t think I need to tell you that – its pretty obvious to look at her.

So, I have two funny stories on that front – or at least on the topic of feeding. Tonight, JJ was feeding her the routine bottle as he does every night and she seemed to be sucking it down in record speed. So he was about to hand her off to me – since she was clearly finished and still sucking away at the air, her hand, the pacifier – and we realized she was soaked. The fault has come to lie with me, supposedly, as I have a tendency to not tighten caps and so was the case tonight – as much milk as she was drinking – just as much was running down her neck, soaking her, the pillow, her clothes and anything else in its way. But fortunately, the fact that she was lying in puddled breast milk did not distract her from the original task at hand – until of course, when the bottle ran dry.

This afternoon, JJ and I saw another baby and while waiting for our Starbucks – were debating at the age of the baby. Clearly, the baby was much, much smaller than Cailee, but he was holding his head up pretty well, seemed a bit more alert. So I decided to be bold and just ask – maybe somethings are better left unasked – the baby was 5 and 1/2 months, more than twice the age of Cailee. Yikes, it was a reality check for JJ.

Now neither of us are big people, but we did get out the baby books today and we both started out with a bit of the fat rolls and chubby cheeks. Honestly, who can resist a plump baby. 🙂 And even though our backs are aching and she’s wearing clothes I didn’t intend for her for another three or four months, we are loving her to death. And Milk, it clearly does a baby good.