Crazy, because this never happens, but the weekend started off with not a thing on the schedule. No appointments, no out of town visits or birthday parties. No events, no, nothing, nada. It left us scrambling to figure out how we were going to entertain two kiddos (well, one doesn’t need much to keep him happy, and the other one needs everything to keep her happy, so it averages out). It didn’t take long til we had filled our weekend though – between left over work that needed to be finished, learning that Great Grandma was in town, a long awaited trip to the new shaved ice shop and a kid’s day at the local yogurt – it turned out like most other weekends – busy!

Great Grandma Bomar got to see Connor for the first time and Cailee, all grown up as a nearly three year old. (Side note: Connor, has now turned into the big kid. He has really enjoyed his milk these last few weeks and is big. So much so that when you tell someone he’s only 3 and 1/2 months – they are shocked. They expect him to be 6 months old – and by the way – so do his clothes). We all went out for pizza and shaved ice – which got mixed reviews. Cailee and I loved our Cotton Candy desert, not sure JJ would give his Cola with ice cream selection a thumbs up. Maybe second time around will be better (because I am ready to go back again).

Finally, I got Cailee to pose for a picture. I said, look at the camera and smile – and *shocker* she did. Normally, I get a hand over the face or she runs off (much like her mom when it comes to being on the other side of the lens). But since Christmas I have been trying to get her to look at me straight on and smile. I wanted to get her a Dora book that is personalized with her picture but couldn’t get her to take a picture that I could use. I also need to get a picture to her preschool. So excited we finally got one. And this will time just right since her birthday is only two months away (yes, planning is well underway for our Dora themed affair).

On Sunday, we learned of a community event at the Local Yogurt with ponies, bouncy house, ice cream and more. Cailee never passes up a good bouncy house – and this was no exception, she bounced until she was red hot and sweating – and then she bounced some more. She wore it out. And this is exactly why we are now considering renting one for her birthday – hands down, its her favorite thing to do (and it makes for a good nap afterwards). We never quite got on the horsey (as she was calling it). Mom stood in line once, and Cailee bailed at the last minute for the bouncy, Dad stood in line second time, no go – again. Mom and Cailee stood in line a third time – yep, decided against it when we were next up. Mom left to go shopping, Dad and Cailee got ice cream. Afterwards, Dad and Cailee tried again (every time, she wants to go ride the horsey), got up to the horse and wouldn’t get on – fed the horse, petted the horse – no ride though. Got in the car, and had a meltdown because Cailee hadn’t ridden the horse. Bummer!