I haven’t posted in a while, and with good reason. I have been busy planning Cailee’s pink and black polka dot princess party (yea, I couldn’t decide on one theme, so of course she got it all). Today was the party and we had a blast – but I think I am more tired then Cailee, so I’ll be brief.

Here’s everyone who braved the event…
Gigi and Granddaddy Herrman
Gigi Dewar
Cousin McKinley and Aunt Emily
Uncle John
Uncle Dave
Aunt Bethie
Isabella, Audrey (Eddie and Melanie)
Greyson (Tracy)

Cailee made out like a bandit – here’s all her loot…
Purse full of fun girlie things, puzzle, princess book
Baby doll crib
Apron, mitt, flip flops
Veggies, baby doll seat
Smoothie maker, Coffee maker, Toaster, Mixer
Sticker book
Building blocks (I forget the official name but very cool)
Kitchen, pizza, cupcake set, food, tea set
Etch a sketch