Lately, Cailee has been telling us its her birthday. On top of that, she thinks she deserves a surprise/present on whim because its her birthday. To distract her from the fact that it wasn’t her birthday, we got her really pumped up for Isabella’s 4th birthday party. And that seemed to work. She had a really good time, being the first to arrive and the last to leave, and even after realizing that none of the gifts were hers, all the fun of the day was enough to distract her from the fact that she wasn’t the center of attention (well most of the time – warm weather, lots of surger + no nap = a little girl who makes a big to do out of nothing if something doesn’t go her way – but that can be true about most 2 years olds). Connor, was pretty chill, as always, and fortunately had a lot of helpers to watch him, so while JJ and I chased Cailee, Connor attracted all the ladies. Thanks Hamletts – You all know how to throw a great Hello Kitty Party!

During a quiet moment with Connor he was making some silly/sweet faces.

But I think JJ takes the cake (what is he doing?)