This past weekend was Isabella’s 5th birthday party. It was at Pump it Up – for those of you not abreast of your local kid hangouts – its a gym full of inflatables. The whole room is reserved for the birthday kiddo and their friends – not much can top it! Cailee had a blast (as did Connor, he enjoys being the tagalong because he gets to take part in all the fun all the bigger kids are having). Cake (notice Cailee waiting with anticipating in the pix below) and fairy wings topped off the occasion. Added bonus for making the trek to Greensboro, the kids got to spend some time with GG and Gdaddy, while JJ and I got to enjoy a kid-free dinner. Yeah!

Its fun to compare these photos below to past Isabella birthdays. All the kids have really grown – a lot. The best is two years ago at Pump it up, Isabella could barely keep the inflatable birthday crown on her head. This year she wore it properly and proudly.

Isabella’s 2nd birthday
Isabella’s 3rd birthday
Isabella’s 4th birthday