Third busy weekend in a row and this time it was to celebrate Daddy’s 36th birthday. We ended up with a new grill (yeah!) and we moved it to the top porch – hopefully to encourage us to grill out a bit more (which we love to do, just rarely find the time to do it – fast food is just so much more convenient). And we had the family over to break it in. Cailee got to show off her new playroom and daddy’s handywork to everyone and had a good time playing with McKinley – they particularly liked the slide – but who doesn’t? 🙂 I completely forgot to take a single picture, so we’ll just have to remember the memories and everyone else just needs to visualize the fun we had.

But I do have some shots of Cailee this week at the park. She even met a little friend. Its hard to believe how quickly she is growing up – as Aunt Beth said – look at those legs (but don’t look too closely, she has more bruises and scratches then I thought possible).