I was looking back at pictures from last easter (the one with the Easter basket on her head was one of my favorite from the year). She has gotten so big in the last year – I just don’t know where the time has gone. It does really pass much more quickly then I ever imagined. We had a busy weekend, I spent Saturday running errands and cooking- getting ready for today’s lunch. It was a nice change of pace. Cailee spent some quality time with her daddy and they stayed out of my way – it was great – but I missed my little girl tugging on my leg or wanting to pull me around too. Mom and Dad and Dave came for lunch, good conversation and a hike. We had a good day. Cailee was a little tempermental, we aren’t sure why – she is really attached to mommy these days – which I don’t mind a bit – but everyone else wants some baby loving too and she’s not having any of it.

At church, they decided to do a collage with finger paint (Not sure who’s idea it was to get out the finger paint with a room full of 1year olds in their Easter best). Cailee apparently wouldn’t have anything to do with it – so I got to help her put her hand in the finger paint and onto the art project.

I couldn’t get one great picture but at least you can see her easter dress. I even gave her her first manicure. Now she keeps touching my painted toes and then her painted fingers. I think she’s going to be a girly girl. Note, the painted toes slippers – those were a googie in her easter basket. I was trying to give her less chocolate and more fun – but she was happiest when she got both.