We held our egg hunt inside as surprisingly the temp was a little chilly Sunday morning (chilly for what we were dressed for – the mid 70s we expected later in the day). We got up, got dressed for church, snapped Connor’s weekly pix, held our hunt, went to Starbucks and made it to church early – that was worth noting – it will not happen again.

You can see, we hid the eggs in very “challenging” spots, Cailee had a blast. Hiding and finding is a lot of fun for Cailee these days – she loves hide and go seek and I spy. I spy is so cute, because school has taught her to say “I spy with my little eye…” We like to play that in the car. The only trick is that whatever Cailee hides/spies with her cute little eye, she likes to find/answer herself. We have fun playing along.

Connor was more enthused with putting his goodies in his mouth – what else is new?

Ok, well this is it for blog updates tonight. Fingers crossed for a sleepful night for both myself and JJ, who needs to somehow convince Connor that he’s not gonna get fed by Mom in the middle of the night (yes, can’t break him of this habit, here’s to hoping a week away will do the trick and not kill JJ in the process).